Filterqu is an Augmented Reality Lab focused on developing AR Effects on Social Media Platform

We help brands to engage with audiences using Augmented Reality Experience on social media with data-driven analytics.

Filterqu have published more than 100+ filters with more than 1 billion Impressions for professionals, local business and brands such as Bank Indonesia, Watsons Malaysia, Sorella, Implora Cosmetics, Hansaplast, Beiersdof, and AKA Creative ranging from:

    • Beauty & Makeup
    • 3D Object Filter
    • Product Try-on
    • Immersive Game
    • Trivia Quizz
    • Audio Filter
    • Color LUT Filter
    • Image Tracker


We use various tools to design your immersive AR experience such as Lens Studio, Spark AR Studio, Blender ( 3D Modelling), Adobe Photoshop, Javascript Programming Language and Garage Band & Pro Tools for Music Design.


For more information on AR Marketing Tips, read our Instagram Filter Marketing 101.

You can find our work on @filterqu on Instagram and our portfolio page here!